Department of Public Administration

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    Department of Public Administration has 14 full-time teaching staff, among which 7 are of senior professional posts, taking up 50% of the totality. 13 of them have the doctoral degrees, which takes up 92.86% of the totality. 

    Education Target: This major aims at cultivating specialized talents who are all-around developed, qualified to meet the requirements of socialist market economy development, equipped with sound professional knowledge of theories of public administration, familiar with basic practical skills, innovative and creative. It targets to cultivate public administrative talents that will serve in Party and Government offices, district communities, administrative counseling agent, press and publications agents, social communities 

    Major Features: The major of Public Administration is the Key Construction Discipline of Jinagsu Province. It acts as a leading role in the academic research area of Assessment of Government Public Administrative Performance. This major aims at cultivating talents that meet the requirements of socialist market economy development. Focuses are put on the combination of fundamental knowledge and specialized knowledge, on the combination of fundamental theories and basic practical skills; on the combination of fostering professional capabilities and personal characters. Besides, students’ creative and innovative abilities training are highly encouraged. 

    Core Courses: Management, Managerial Psychology, Strategy Management, Politics, Sociology, Contemporary Chinese Political System, Theories of Public Administration, Governmental Economics, Public Department Performance Administration, Urban Management, Electronic Public Affairs, Public Human Resource Management and Exploration. 

    Intended Job Markets and Tendencies: This major has a wide range of social needs. It mainly targets in cultivating talents that will serve in the areas of Party and Government Offices, Enterprise Administration, Rural Village Administration, Subdistrict Communities, Administrative Counseling, Public Institution Administration, Press and Publications Administration, etc. 


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