Department of Labor and Social Security

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    Department of Labor and Social Security has 11 specialized teaching staff, among which 3 have senior professional posts, taking up 27.27%. All of them have doctoral degrees. 

    Education Targets: This major aims to cultivate all-round specialized talents with sound professional theoretical knowledge, wide professional experience and practical skills. They are expected to have a good knowledge of both Chinese and foreign social and labor security theories and practices, qualified for serving in the areas of labor and social security department, government policy making department, human resources management department and other enterprise and government offices that involves medical insurance, human resource management and social and security work. 

    Major Features: With the deepening of economic structure reform, social security, as a governmental behavior for making up the defects of market, is exhibiting increasing significance. With the economic development, the study of social security in China becomes a new discipline with increasing needs for the talents in this area. This major aims at cultivating talents in the areas of labor and social security, who are equipped with sound fundamental theoretical and practical skills that meet the needs of the social development. Focuses are put on the improvement of the professional proficiency and the personal competences, as well as the innovative and practical abilities.     

    Core courses: Management, Economics, Sociology, Accounting, Statistics, Finance, Insurance, Labor Economics, Human Resources Administration, Law of Labor and Social Security, Social Welfare and Social Relief, Social Insurance Practice, Methodology of Social Investigation, Public Budget Management. 

    Intended Job Markets and Tendencies: The intended job markets for this major cover the areas such as department of enterprise human resources administration, department of labor and social security administration, civil administration department, labor and social service center, health care department, primary-level community and rural region public administration department, social charity agents, urban community service centers, etc. 


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