Politics, Economics and Philosophy ( PPE)

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    PPE is a new major that began to recruit students in the nation-wide range since 2016. This major originates in Oxford University more than 100 years ago. Nowadays, PPE has become one of the most popular majors in the world’s first class universities, which has cultivated a large batch of distinguishing international dignitaries, elites and outstanding scholars in different areas. In China, this major has been successfully established in Beijing University, People’s University of China, etc. With the rapid development of auditing philosophy, the functions of governmental auditing have been extended from traditional economic supervision to respective fields of national governance. Government Audit has also become a brand-new multi-disciplinary major that involves politics, economics, philosophy, public administration, information science, etc. Nowadays, there’s a large increasing demands of specialized auditing talents. Similarly, high-level, inter-disciplinary talents who are equipped with of leadership spirits are of great necessity. In this case, it’s high time that PPE major were established accordingly. It can prepare the prospective qualified talents for the government, esp. in the branches of all-leveled audit offices or social administration bureaus. Nanjing Audit University is a significant base for cultivating auditing talents. It shoulders the responsibilities of fostering qualified auditing talents for the country. NAU is combing the strength of different disciplines to form an excellent academic teaching, research and practice team that combine politics, economics, philosophy and audit. 

    This major aims at cultivating qualified talents with good sense of politics and morality, mastering good knowledge of politics, economics and philosophy and sound professional theories. These talents will be enabled to serve in the areas of government offices, audit offices, social administration offices, fortune making entities and scientific research agents focusing on the issues of government reform, economic development and innovation of social administration, etc. 


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